November Birthstone Sale

November and December birthstones are 20% off

We love birthdays at The Little Jewel. Every month we have the current month's and next month's birthstones discounted. For the month of August Peridot is discounted as well as Sapphire for September by 20%. This sale is ongoing and will change to new birthstones each month. The sale is also good in our store in Boulder, so if you are in the area drop by and see us.

Birthstones for the month of November are Citrine and Topaz


Citrine; the name is derived from its yellow color.  Most natural citrines are pale yellow, however, can  become  more intense in color by heat treatments. Madera citrine is a beautiful orange color and very popular in jewelry. Citrine is a quartz variety, and has a hardness of 7 on the  Mohs scale. Citrine is said to bring cheerfulness, counters negativity, and can lift one from depression to joy.


Topaz is the birthstone for November  and comes in a variety of colors, most popular color is blue. The color can range from light, medium  and a dark tone. the yellow variety is known as Imperial and can be very valuable as to its rarity.  Measuring 8 on Mohs hardness scale, Topaz is very  durable. Topaz is said to be soothing stone said to calm tempers and cure madness and nightmares. Topaz is  the astrological stone for Leo and Sagittarius.

Birthstone for the month of December is Turquoise


Turquoise is known as Turkish stone, because of the trade route that brought it to Europe. Turquoise colors can range from sky blue  green , and have veins. The color variances can be attributed to  the copper and or iron  traces found in the  deposits. The best qualities are found in Persia, known for the beautiful sky blue color.  Most  deposits in the united states are found in the southwest and have bee treasured by the Native American  who have fashioned the stone into many  exotic pieces of art and wearable jewelry. Turquoise  has a hardness of  5-6. it is porous, therefore you should try and keep out of water and perfumes.  Turquoise is the birthstone for  December and astrological sign Taurus.  Turquoise is said to  protect from injury and falls, relieves tension, antagonism, and headaches.  Turquoise is a high vibration energy stone, both grounding and lifting.

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