Our Fantastic Designers

Here are some of our fantastic designers. We have worked with some of them for decades and others are new to us, but we love the jewelry they make. We don’t have jewelry online for all of them but we do have their jewelry in our physical store in Boulder.

Inspiration beauty in detail… A love of art, history, architecture and travel inspires each luxuriant detail of Anatoli jewelry. European wrought ironwork…jewelry of ancient civilizations… handmade textures… weaves of precious metals… myriad

With over 60 years in the jewelry industry, CARL K. GUMPERT, INC. is a major fine jewelry manufacturer and diamond supplier, providing its customers with indvidualized manufacturing services and outstanding quality and value. We work to create a wide

A native of the Netherlands, Cornelis Hollander studied art and jewelry design at the Vrije Academie in Den Haag, Holland. As a young graduate, he apprenticed for two years in Hatton Gardens, London’s renowned jewelry district. Adventure then called

IMPERIAL Pearl is more than the largest independent pearl company in America… …more than a global phenomenon. IMPERIAL Pearl is a promise… a promise of excellence. That promise is made – and kept – by the Bazar family. IMPERIAL founder

Each collection is an adventure with passion, intensity and desire. It’s a process of continuous exploration. My passion is to capture the sudden thrill of nature’s beauty within my creations.” Says John Bagley, the innovative designer of the dynamic

With over 30 years of experience in the jewelry industry, you can have great confidence in knowing that Jolie Designs understands reliable service and a responsive staff are some of the most important elements in customer satisfaction. We at Jolie Designs

Kostbar, German for precious, valuable, golden… For over thirty years, Steve Helmich has traveled the world in search of the finest colored gemstones to offer his discerning clientele, In 1980, Steve started his company as a a fine, wholesale,

Livingstone Jewelry Company Incorporated was established in 1982. Livingstone became one of the gemstones and pearls jewelry supplier and wholesaler based in Los Angeles. We offer many varieties and flavors of designs both in 14kt gold or sterling silvers.

Our award-winning designers use precious metals and unique gems to craft epic one of a kind pieces. For over 50 years we have been a local, family owned business. We continue to build our business based on our commitment to quality and satisfied customer

We are a small team of highly creative individuals dedicated to providing the finest precious colored gemstone jewelry and gems available anywhere. Word fail when trying to illuminate what we conceive, create and translate into reality. Available in 18K

Sofia Jewelry, established in 1994, is a landmark of the vibrant shopping scene in Mill Valley, California. It is a full service, family run jewelry store close to San Francisco and the East Bay. After 22 years Susan and Carl Priolo handed over the