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Monthly Birthstone Sale

Birthstones for this month and the next month are 20% off.



Diamond, the birthstone for April and is the hardest of all stones ,a 10 on the Mohs scale. Diamond can be colorless , yellow, blue, red, green , champaigne, brown, and black.Many of the colored stones are created in labs,and usually cost much less than their natural counterparts. The pure colorless, free of all inclusions and surface blemishes can command very high prices due to the rarity of such stones. Diamond is graded on  cut, clarity, color , and carat weight. Ideal proportion in cutting diamond is crucial to bring out the best brilliance in the stone.D is the top color in colorless stones and  the stones become noticeable  grayer as the stone goes down the alphabet. Diamond is the hardness of all gemstones so it can be worn daily without much worry. Diamond has been treasured since antiquity, and was a symbol of success and wealth. Diamond is a energy stone, and brings courage, fortitude, mental health, and consistency in love and friendship.




Emerald, together with aquamarine and beryl, belongs to the beryl group, being the most precious of the group. Its green hue is attributed to trace elements of chrome and sometimes vanadium. The color is very stable against light and heat. Only the finest qualities are transparent, often emerald is clouded by inclusions, these are not necessarily classified as faults, but are evidence of the genuineness of the stone. The most desirable color is a deep green. Emeralds are formed by rising magma and metamorphism. The most important mines are in Columbia. Emerald is the birthstone for May and astrological sign Cancer. Emerald is 7-8  in hardness on the Mohs scale. Most emeralds are oiled to enhance the clarity of the gem. Emerald must be worn with care as can be brittle. Emeralds are considered one of the most treasured gems in the world. Emeralds encourage growth, reflection, peace and balance.