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Monthly Birthstone Sale

Birthstones for this month and the next month are 20% off.



Opal is derived from an Indian word for stone.  It is divided into three groups: opalescent precious opal, red fire opal, and the common opal. The special characteristics of these gems is their opalescence, a rainbow-like iridescence which changes with the angle of observation. Opal consist of the mineral cristobalite layered in siliceous jelly, and water which causes the fire of colors in the mineral. Opals are found in Australia, Brazil, Ethiopa, Nevada, and Mexico.  Opals from Mexico are called fire opals and are a reddish -orange hue. Red is considered the most valuable hue, along with purple. Opal is the birthstone for October and is 5-6 in hardness on the Mohs scale. Opal requires special care as it is brittle , sensitive to pressure , heat , perfumes and alkalies. Opal is considered to strengthen eye sight, memory , good fortune in travel and business. A high vibration stone that promotes energy and leadership .



Citrine; the name is derived from its yellow color.  Most natural citrines are pale yellow, however, can  become  more intense in color by heat treatments. Madera citrine is a beautiful orange color and very popular in jewelry. Citrine is a quartz variety, and has a hardness of 7 on the  Mohs scale. Citrine is said to bring cheerfulness, counters negativity, and can lift one from depression to joy.